The Amazing Bambuda Dinner Experience

Dinner at Bambuda is something special. Of course you'll love your breakfast and lunch too – tasty, good value and sure to set you up for your day of exploring...or lounging. But trust us, you'll be looking forward to dinner all day.

Yes, some other hostels do family style dinners. This is a long way from your standard hostel family dinner, though. Why? One, the food itself. Forget plastic bowls of knocked-out soggy pasta. At Bambuda you get to work your way through not one but 2 courses, all cooked by proper chefs who've worked in top restaurants – they know their stuff. Two, the ambience. Softly lit, chilled music, a beautiful hardwood table to gather around, all as you look out through lush greenery to the lagoon. (All this is probably what makes us the top rated restaurant in the whole archipelago).

Dinner actually starts back in the afternoon, though – when it's time to choose from the four options for each course. Decisions, decisions...we apologise in advance: you're going to have problems picking; they're all fabulous. But choose you must, and get in there quick – sadly each option isn't in unlimited supply.

If you have special dietary requirements, you're probably used to being fobbed off with second-class dishes. Not so here. As well as carnivores, our chefs can cater for allergies, vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians....and they make sure your dinner is just as special as everyone else's ($8-$15).

Don't even think about skipping dessert, by the way. Guests always rave about our desserts. Then when that's all gone too, it's time to sit back in a happy, stuffed haze, and carry on chatting into the evening as you swap stories with your fellow travellers.

Examples of the delicious dinner you will receive