8-10 Bed Dorms

Tower Private Rooms

Cabin Private Rooms

Abour Our Rooms

Our dorms are bright and the bunks are comfy. Sharing a room with 8-10 others you will still have a quiet place in the castle to call your own. Each bunk has its own power socket, a private shelf and locker. Showers and toilets are situated nearby each dorm.

Tower Rooms
Take the bridge over the koi fish pond and you will get to your tower. This two level private room offers beautiful views of the green Boquete hillsides. On the first floor is a bathroom and a small desk. The second floor is the master bedroom with custom made wooden furniture and a beautifully comfortable double bed.

For privacy and comfort you get your own private cabin. With a wonderfully comfortable double bed, full bathroom and private balcony you're still close enough to feel the castle. Overlooking a coffee plantation the private balcony is your very own little haven.

Domes (Opening soon)
Nestled up against the evergreen hillside this private room resembles a hobbit home more then anything. Cozy on the inside the domes have custom made wooden furniture, a comfy double bed and a private bathroom. The domes are close to the castle and each one has its private balcony.